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October 2010 – May 2013
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Founded in 1994 by Christian singer Michael W. Smith, Rocketown has grown from a safe haven for teenagers to a popular live music venue, skatepark, after-school center, and host of various community groups and outreach programs.

As a volunteer at Rocketown, I worked live shows on a weekly basis and worked with the staff and other volunteers to keep shows running as smoothly as possible. I frequently worked during the show’s entry process, collecting tickets from patrons and providing them with wristbands granting access to the venue. I also helped with clean-up and maintenance of the facilities.

Volunteering at Rocketown has given me many opportunities to meet other young and talented individuals, learn how to book and host live shows, and how to work with the artists performing in the venue. I have gained invaluable skills that will be of great aid to me in the professional world of the music business.

Tasks included:
-Provided on-site assistance to Rocketown Music Venue staff for a variety of concerts and events
-Checked will-call tickets and scanned physical tickets using Ticketmaster eEntry scanners
-Wrist-banded all concert patrons after passing the ticket checkpoint
-Assisted tour managers in organizing fans for meet & greets, listening parties, VIP experiences
-Assisted local promoters by handing out promotional materials as patrons exit the venue
-Worked with other volunteers and staff to clean venue after live events
-Assisted in staging and preparing the venue seating and set-up for special events and rentals
-Addressed questions/concerns that concert patrons had in regards to the show or venue
-Worked in the venue’s in-house coffee bar to sell and prepare food and beverages for patrons
-Worked Rocketown’s annual ticketed fundraisers featuring notable celebrity entertainment

Live shows I have worked include:

-Fall 2010 AP Tour
-Decade of Destruction Tour
-Yellowcard Fall 2011 Tour
-August Burns Red Winter 2012 Tour
-The End of The World Tour
-Everything’s Fine Symphony Soldier Tour
-Dead Throne Tour
-Spring 2012 Glamour Kills Tour
-The Lucky Street Tour
-The Pioneer Tour
-Of Mice & Men Winter 2013 Tour
-The Ready Set & Outasight Tour
-Sleeping With Sirens Take It Or Leave It Tour
-A Day To Remember Right Back At It Again Tour
-Rise Records Spring 2013 Tour
-2nd Annual Scotty McCreery Fan Club Party